Automatially opening PuTTY sessions with PuttyCM

A while ago I posted a script to automatically open a series of PuTTY sessions. What I didn't know at that time is that several tools exist to achieve the same result. One of these tools is PuttyCM.

Putty Connection Manager (PuttyCM) is a tool that lets you easily open several PuTTY sessions, logon to them and execute post-login commands. Nowadays I use PuttyCM on a daily basis to stream the content of logfiles on linux servers to my local windows machine.
I then use Hoo Wintail to easily filter and highlight specific log file entries. Read more about that in the Hoo Wintail log monitoring article.

PuTTYCM features

A PuttyCM connection is able to logon automatically to an existing PuTTY session. Redefining the connection details in PuttyCM is not needed.
PuttyCM connections

Every PuttyCM connection can have up to 5 post-login commands. This means that PuttyCM opens the PuTTY session, logs on with the specified username and password, and executes the list of commands.
PuttyCM post-login commands

PuttyCM connections can be stored in a database. It's possible to have the database file encrypted too.
PuttyCM database creation

FAQ on PuttyCM

I encountered some problems when using PuttyCM. Here's a list of the problems and solutions:

Q1: When minimizing PuttyCM, the windows remains minimized/on the background and I'm not able to display the PuttyCM window anymore.
  • On the options screen, in the 'General' section, uncheck the 'Hide when minimized' checkbox.
    PuttyCM general options
Q2: After having updated the PuttyCM configuration in the options screen, some changes did not have effect.
  • Click the 'apply' button before clicking the 'ok' button on the options screen.
Q3: When opening a PuttyCM connection, the connection window remains empty and an external PuTTY session window is created which is not attached to PuttyCM on the options screen
  • In the 'PuTTY' section, check the 'Enable additional timing for PuTTY capture(s)' option, and set a value of 2000.
    PuttyCM PuTTY options

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Anupma kumari said... November 6, 2014 at 12:57 PM

Such a nice blog on topic to automate putty session using PuttyCM. In Web Design and Development we need to manage session as it gets deleted after some time and Automation of session creation for different web projects is really helpful using PuttyCM

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