Automatially opening PuTTY sessions with PuttyCM

A while ago I posted a script to automatically open a series of PuTTY sessions. What I didn't know at that time is that several tools exist to achieve the same result. One of these tools is PuttyCM.

Putty Connection Manager (PuttyCM) is a tool that lets you easily open several PuTTY sessions, logon to them and execute post-login commands. Nowadays I use PuttyCM on a daily basis to stream the content of logfiles on linux servers to my local windows machine.
I then use Hoo Wintail to easily filter and highlight specific log file entries. Read more about that in the Hoo Wintail log monitoring article.

PuTTYCM features

A PuttyCM connection is able to logon automatically to an existing PuTTY session. Redefining the connection details in PuttyCM is not needed.
PuttyCM connections

Every PuttyCM connection can have up to 5 post-login commands. This means that PuttyCM opens the PuTTY session, logs on with the specified username and password, and executes the list of commands.
PuttyCM post-login commands

PuttyCM connections can be stored in a database. It's possible to have the database file encrypted too.
PuttyCM database creation

FAQ on PuttyCM

I encountered some problems when using PuttyCM. Here's a list of the problems and solutions:

Q1: When minimizing PuttyCM, the windows remains minimized/on the background and I'm not able to display the PuttyCM window anymore.
  • On the options screen, in the 'General' section, uncheck the 'Hide when minimized' checkbox.
    PuttyCM general options
Q2: After having updated the PuttyCM configuration in the options screen, some changes did not have effect.
  • Click the 'apply' button before clicking the 'ok' button on the options screen.
Q3: When opening a PuttyCM connection, the connection window remains empty and an external PuTTY session window is created which is not attached to PuttyCM on the options screen
  • In the 'PuTTY' section, check the 'Enable additional timing for PuTTY capture(s)' option, and set a value of 2000.
    PuttyCM PuTTY options

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