Call for Software Testing Blogs

It has been a while since I composed the Top 100 Software Testing Blogs. To be more precise, it has been 1 year and a half already. Since software testing blogs change and evolve, just like any other thing in life, a new Top 100 Software Testing Blogs would surely make sense. So let's make a 2011 edition!

This time I count on you to make this edition a success. Submit any software testing blog, that's not yet in the original Top 100 Software Testing Blogs, in the comment section of this post. By doing this you increase the coverage of software testing blogs eligible to this list, so we have less chance of missing any. All new submissions and the ones from the original top 100 will be evaluated together to finally become a new Top 100.

Make sure the blog applies to following criteria:
  1. must be software testing related
  2. can have technical test automation/performance topics but should not be about technical test automation/performance only
  3. must be not present yet in the original Top 100
Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 30th of November at 23:59

Your input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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