Top 100 Software Testing Blogs

Software Testing Blogs Here it is at last: my first Top 100 of Software Testing Blogs. For those who would like to read more on Software Testing and QA, I created a list with 100 of the best - or at least most popular - Software Testing Blogs in the world. This should definitely give you enough reading!

Note: A more recent Software Testing top list is now available at Read this post for more details: Top 114 software testing blogs in 2014.

I ordered this list by gathering several metrics of each blog, to be more precise: the Google Pagerank, Alexa Popularity, Technorati Authority, number of comments and number of sites linking to it.(Note: Not all statistics were available for each blog. Where a statistic was missing, the blog in question simply scored 'neutral' for that statistic). You can read the algorythm I used to rank the blogs at Many of the results were gathered automatically using my Pagerank Checking script.

Enjoy the list and please let me know which blogs I forgot!

1James Bach's BlogJames Bach
2Testing at the Edge of ChaosMatt Heusser
3Agile Testing Grig Gheorghiu
4Martinfowler.comMartin Fowler
5Tester Tested!Pradeep Soundararajan
6Testing BlogGoogle Testing
7Cem Kaner’s BlogCem Kaner
8Miško HeveryMiško Hevery
9DevelopSenseMichael Bolton
10Sara Ford's WeblogSara Ford
11Steve Rowe's BlogSteve Rowe
12Test ObsessedElisabeth Hendrickson
13Software Quality Insights( various )
14Exploration Through ExampleBrian Marick
15Gojko AdzicGojko Adzic
16Thinking TesterShrini Kulkarni
17Chris McMahon's BlogChris McMahon
18JW on TestJames Whittaker
19Software testing helpVijay
20Corey Goldberg Corey Goldberg
21Quality FrogBen Simo
22Testing Hotlist UpdateBret Pettichord
23AbakasCatherine Powell
24Collaborative Software TestingJonathan Kohl
25Sbarber's blogScott Barber
26Adam goucherAdam goucher
27Eric JarviEric Jarvi
28Karen N. Johnson's blogKaren N. Johnson
29Test GuideMichael Hunter
30Curious TesterParimala Shankaraiah
31Testy RedheadLanette Creamer
32Antony Marcano's blogAntony Marcano
33All Things QualityJoe Strazzere
34I. M. Testy Bj Rollinson
35Software testing zoneDebasis Pradhan
36PractiTest QA Blog Joel Montvelisky
37Practical QALinda Wilkinson
38Marlena’s BlogMarlena Compton
39Software Testing and moreEwald Roodenrijs, Andréas Prins
40patrickwilsonwelsh.comPatrick Wilson-Welsh
41Quality Assurance and Software Testing( various )
42Testing Testing 1,2,3Chan Chaiyochlarb
43Mike Kelly's blogMike Kelly
44Test this Blog Eric Jacobson
45Enjoy testing Ajay Balamurugadas
46Evil TesterAlan Richardson
47Tooth of the WeaselAlan Page
48Charlie Audritsh's blogCharlie Audritsh
49Maverick Tester Anne-Marie Charrett
50Paul Gerrard's blog Paul Gerrard
51shino.deMarkus Gaertner
52Cartoon TesterAndy Glover
53cLabs BlogkiChris Morris
54Jeff Fry on TestingJeff Fry
55Venkat's BlogVenkat Reddy Chintalapudi
56Agile Testing and Process ThoughtsJanet Gregory
57Software Testing Stuff( various )
58selenadelesie.comSelena Delesie
59Software SleuthingJosh Poley
60The Software Quality Blog Vijay Bhaskar
61Expected ResultsPhil Kirkham
62One of the wolvesTim Coulter
63Musing about Software TestingKeith Stobie
64Jon Bach's blogJonathan Bach
65Quardev( various )
66Software Testing Club Blog( various )
67TestToTesterSharath Byregowda
68Agile Testing with Lisa CrispinLisa Crispin
69Confessions of a Passionate TesterDawn Cannan
70I am filled with solutionsDustin Andrews
71Software TastingGeordie Keitt
72Rosie LandRosie Sherry
73Still LifeSteve Swanson
74Brian OsmanBrian Osman
75Dhanasekar S’s BlogDhanasekar S
76The Social Tester Rob Lambert
77QA InsightBrent Strange
78The Testing Blog( various )
79TestingmindedSteven Machtelinckx
80John McConda's blogJohn McConda
81Software TestingLen DiMaggio
82Jeroen's world of Software TestingJeroen Rosink
83TestingPerspectiveRahul Verma
84Adam White Adam White
85Purple Box TestingTrish Khoo
86Lessons Learned by a Software TesterPaul Carvalho
87Pliant AllianceTim Beck
88TestjutsuBen Kelly
89IlliterationJared Quinert
90Tester TestifiesRaj Kamal
91Santhosh Tuppad's BlogSanthosh Tuppad
92TeknologikaBruce McLeod
93Creative TesterAnuj Magazine
94Tester Troubles Ray Claridge
95Thoughts on QA and EngineeringJohn Overbaugh
96Quick Testing Tips( various )
97Cruisin QABrett Leonard
98QA Hates YouThe Director
99Tester Lost FocusMichelle Smith
100James McCaffrey's blogJames McCaffrey

Edit: Meanwhile some kind people have submitted blogs which I did not take into account when I created this list. They will be included in future updates.

Test Side Story from Zeger van Hese would have been number 70.
Quality Perspectives from Lynn McKee would have been number 107.
Unimagined Testing from Nancy Kelln would have been number 90.
Software Testing Genius from Yogindernath would have been number 66.
Rob Kuijt's Testing Blog from Rob Kuijt would have been number 51.

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