Google adsense vs Google translate bug

LogoGoogleAdsenseTranslateGoogle Adsense is a web program which enables web publishers to display relevant advertisements (ads) on their site. These advertisements are context based. This means that only ads relevating to the page content are displayed, at least in most cases.

Google Translate is a free web program which translates words, phrases or even complete web pages to the language of your choice. By typing a website url on the Google Translate homepage, your website is opened and loaded in the language of your choice, translated by the Google Translate engine.

When combining these two technologies, something strange tends to happens. The contextual advertisements seem to be affected by the translation engine calling the website. Have a look at the screenshot below. The contextual advertisements which normally relate to cellphones and mobile technology are now displaying translation related ads.

Translated to English version:

Original version:

In my opinion Google Adsense is not intended to behave like this. Probably Google Translate triggers this behaviour by loading the translated web page in a new page with html title "Google Translate" and some more references to translation in the source. This additional information is considered to be more important than the actual web page content to the advertisement units.

If you want to take a look yourself, you can take the url's below. 

 This is the "translated to English" version.

And this is the original Arabic version:

Have you seen any other bugs in the Google Adsense and Google Translate products? Or did you encounter similar interferences between other google products? Let us know!

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