Automation criteria for regression pack test cases

To automate or not to automate? This is a question everyone should ask to himself when composing a pack of regression test cases for test automation. Here is a shortlist of criteria which help deciding whether a test case is eligible for test automation or not:

Application stability (interface)
Changing application interfaces (e.g. GUI) can impact the automated test ware. This may force the update of automation interfaces (object repository, scripts, ...).

Requirement stability
Changing functionality can impact the automated test ware. Composition of tests may need to be altered/updated.

Good quality manual tests
A poor manual test will remain a poor test, whether executed manually or automated.

Frequently run tests/functionality
Higher ROI when automating tests/functionality which require many runs.

It may be possible to reuse certain script libraries for different applications.

Limitation of user errors
Automating repetitive test procedures decreases the risk of user errors due to loss of concentration.

Complexity of application/tests
Complex applications may require extensive training of test executors.

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