99 bottles of beer on the wall - code samples

image by satomiichimuraWhile I was searching the web for an example of the SCL (System Control Language) syntax, I stumbled upon the 99 bottles of beer website coding website. "99 bottles of beer" is a song about... indeed, 99 bottles of beer! The song text can be generated by writing a small program.

99bottles-of-beer.net has gathered code samples in 1304 programming scripting languages and versions, even the queerest ones like SCL (System Control Language). Every code sample generates the "99 bottles of beer" song text as output, sometimes even with a nice twist.

My favorite code samples are the Autoit version and Ruby (minimal) version. Probably because I just love to script in those languages. If you ever quickly want to know how a programming language looks like, you can easily look it up in their database.

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