Autoit Bejeweled bot tutorial

AutoIt Bejeweled bot tutorialFollowing the success of my Autoit Bejeweled bot post, I decided to write a tutorial so you can create your own bot for Bejeweled. I also want to prove that AutoIt is an excellent automation tool and can be used in the software testing domain for certain automation tasks. Are you into scripting or do you like playing Bejeweled? In both cases following article might be of interest to you.

This article is the first one in a series of articles covering the tutorial. Step by step the articles will explain the process of creating a bot for the popular bejeweled game. At each step I will provide code snippets to put together. By the end you will have gained a good understanding of the internal working of a Bejeweled bot and you will have the code for a fully functional bejeweled bot.

Note: the bot works flawlessly for bejeweled 1. In order to make it work for Bejeweled 2 or Bejeweled Blitz, some small modifications have to be made though.


This bot is fully free and for Educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for using this code, and you understand and agree that I am not responsible or liable for any claim resulting from its use by you or another user. This bot should not be used to cheat or to make money with. This is purely to demonstrate that also complex applications can be automated within the software testing domain without using expensive tools.

This bot is only compatible with the Bejeweled I game at this stage. The bot can be modified however to become compatible with other versions, for instance Bejeweled II, by applying minor tweaks to the code.


You are required to have knowledge of the AutoIt scripting language. Knowledge of programming in general will do as well, provided that you learn the basics of AutoIt.

Make sure you have AutoIt installed. You can download the latest version from Pick "AutoIt Full Installation" which includes ScITE, an excellent AutoIt editor providing syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and more.

Continue to the first part of the bejeweled bot tutorial: Bot framework & preparation

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